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How long does it take to complete a website?
In general, the delivery time frame for each project is 14 working days. However this is very closely dependant on clients’ cooperation and coordination in delivering contents, feedbacks, and communicating in a timely manner. Any delay in availability of required information will affect the delivery time frame of project.
What is the payment term like?
At Pixelab, we only accept full payment in advance before commencing a project, unless stated explicitly in quotation.
I need a specific number of webpages which is not listed in your packages.
Let us know by contacting us and request for a custom quote and we will be happy to assist you. We will reply you in 1 business day.
Can I change the website template during development phase?
If we have not started working on the project, you may still change the website template. However, once work is in progress, you may be subjected to additional charges if you wish to change the website template.
What is included in our yearly web management service?
  • 5 times content updates such as changing of logo, images, text, videos in existing pages. Alteration to web design / layout is not included.
  • Monthly Backup for Database and Website.
  • Website Speed Optimization.
  • Website Plugins Update.
  • Technical Support for website.
  • One time revision per year.
What is the difference between revision and content update?
Web revision includes making changes to both web design layout and content updates, whereas content update only includes changing of logo, images, text, videos in existing pages.
Can I add contents in a new page to the website if I subscribed for web management service?
No, content updates in web management service shall be limited to existing pages only. Additional charges shall be subjected in the need of creating new pages.
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